Our Heritage

Teltrium builds on its core heritage of technical innovation and excellence in telecommunications systems engineering, spectrum management, and software development to provide customers with services tailored to their needs and structured to deliver optimal results. Our best-value-proposition mitigates risks throughout a project’s life-cycle to control variables that may negatively impact deliverables, impending project success.

Our management team’s legacy traces back to Stanford Telecommunication (STeL) Systems Engineering Division which prided itself on high corporate and engineering values and was renowned for quality products, innovative solutions, and talented workforce. U.S. Government agencies and commercial partners relied on STel’s engineering talents to build systems like Global Positioning System (GPS) and the Tracking Data Relay Satellite System (TDRSS). After its acquisition by ITT Industries in 1999, the Systems Engineering Division went on to build successful business units within by winning programs such as the GSFC Space Communications and Navigation Service (SCNS) Contract and DISA’s Joint Spectrum Center Electromagnetic Spectrum Engineering Services (ESES) Contract.