Program Planning and Execution

  • Acquisition support

  • Program and/or project management planning

    • Total organization definition including processes and guidelines

    • Activity and resource definition

    • Management plans (Program, projects, risk, quality, configuration management)

    • Integrated Management Plan

  • Transition planning and support

  • Scope, cost and risk management

  • Earned Value Management (EVM)

  • Risk identification and management

Systems Engineering

  • Market research, R&D transition plan and technology roadmap

  • Technology insertion opportunities assessment

  • Concept development and verification

  • Requirements development, management and traceability

  • Interface definition and management

  • Analyses and trade studies

    • End-to-end network performance

    • RF and baseband system/subsystem evaluation

  • System validation and verification

  • Deliverables review and configuration management processes

Software Engineering

  • Project planning

  • Infrastructure integration

  • Requirements gathering

  • Design and development

  • Automated testing at the component and system level

  • End user training

  • Deployment

  • User support

  • Maintenance

Modeling & Simulation

  • LAN/WAN Performance: Throughput, packet error rate, latency, traffic flow analysis. etc.

  • Coverage: Ground and satellite systems including acquisition of signal, loss of signal, time of closest approach analyses, etc.

  • Interference: RFI analysis and simulation; co-channel and adjacent channel; intermodulation, intersymbol interference, etc.

  • RF Communication Link: Modulation performance, coding performance, bit-error-rate estimates, aggregate signal to noise-analysis, etc.

  • Antenna Analysis: Blockage & multipath analysis, pattern generation, footprint calculation, etc.